Our Mission

Let’s Work Together

We strive to provide the best credit card processing experience with unbeatable local accountability and service, at a fair rate. We want to earn your trust.

You can benefit from our services.

Who can benefit from our services?

  • Restaurants, simple integration with most POS systems and next day funding.
  • Car Repair, Flooring Stores, any large ticket retailers.  You’ll be set up with the correct high ticket limit, so that your funds do not get held.
  • Websites, simple set up for a “pay now” button that will take you to a secure customized check out.
  • Non-profit organizations, convenience of accepting cc donations for worthy causes without being gouged by the cc processor.
  • Locally owned businesses wanting to do business with local providers.

Mobile Payments

Mobile payments with the diversity of connecting directly to a smart device or by bluetooth, with an emailed or texted receipt.

Discount for Cash Program

We provide a terminal that calculates a pre-set fee to pass along to the customer, legally.

Ecommerce Payments

We can connect a “Pay Now” button on your website to your own customizable co-branded payment page. Emailable payment link will take your customers to that same co-branded payment page.


Stand Alone chip reading terminals connected by ethernet, phone line or wi-fi or virtual terminals that retain customer info. Capable of recurring payments.

About Us

What Makes Us Different?

As a former merchant, I felt like just another number to my processor. The only person I could communicate with was at the end of the toll free number after a long hold. I experienced first hand exactly how the processing industry fell short. With that insight, I set out to make a difference.. I work for my customers, trying to simplify their process of getting paid quicker.

The Kapow Payment difference is that we have empathy for what business owners deal with every day. We have integrity, accountability, and transparenct. No games, no rate creeping, No Phone trees and long holds. No contracts. No leased equipment.


What to Expect

By working with Kapow Pay, you can expect several benefits including state of the art technology with end to end encryption and tokenization, providing the most secure transactions available. You can also expect next day funding, uncomparable accountable customer service, we are invested in the success of your business.

Customer Friendly

Quick Service

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Ready to Get Started?

Let’s take the first step! We’ll start with a phone conversation to set up an appointment. We will meet in person to dicuss how you’re currently processing credit card payments. From there our company will perform a statement analysis to determine a savings.